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What is Man: Links: "Presenting the Origin, Purpose, and Status of Man . What inspires us is Life. If life has an end nothing would inspire us. Visit What is..."

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What is Man: Excerpts: "From Part One Man What is Man, but an awareness. Awareness of a collective awareness of the collective, and their environment; and a..."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is Man. A definition of Man: an infinite awareness confined to a body of finite Life.

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Book three synopsis.
                    What is Man
Meaning of Man. Meaning of Life.
The body, the mortal. The conscience, the eternal.
Body and spirit : matter and consciousness. 
The origin of life: the origin of consciousness.
The origin of matter: the manifestation of consciousness.
The origin of love: the energy of consciousness.
The duality of matter, the duality of consciousness.
Conscious is to know with: knowing with another is consciousness.
Life is being aware of the source of consciousness: the Unconscious.
The instinct. The unconscious (subconscious).
The ego. The self conscious (individual).
The superego. The conscience (individual+unconscious).
Matter is light, and light is energy. All that exist is energy. Consciousness is awareness, not matter and energy. The power of consciousness is the energy of consciousness. Consciousness is life. Without awareness there is no life. The energy of life is in consciousness (in awareness of the unconscious). The ego in unison with the unconscious (the source of consciousness) is conscientiousness. The energy of love, the light of God: the power of God.

An excerpt....

What is the meaning of life?    What is the meaning of love? 
What is the purpose for man?  What is the purpose of man?
                    Are these questions compelling to you ? 
                 Then it is time to search for the answers.
Religion and science have given us answers, and they have confused even the religious and the scientific. Creationists and evolutionists have compromised, for neither can prove their claims. The egoists and the egotists avoid reality to indulge in fantasy, and compromise the truth. For the truth is more frightening than death.
While for an infant love means need, the world is in need of love. The world is desperately in need of peace. It is in need indeed.
Life is consciousness. Conscious means: to know with. Life is: to know with the living. Religion is: to know with obedience. Science is: to know with matter. So life has become a matter of obedience. 
Life is not matter, nor is it obedience. It is the limited self becoming aware of the infinite. Infinite awareness is infinite life. The infinite are love. The limited are needy. Life is free, and the needy are not.
The purpose for man is to know with love, and the purpose of man is to love infinitely. To love only the self is to deny the infinite, and abandon infinite life. 
© Copyright Rohan and Mohan Perera (World of Ro and Mo) 2008-2010

To Publish or not to Publish
                 What is Man

In the beginning was the thought, and the thought was with God, and the thought was God. The thought was in the beginning with God.
All things were made because of thought, 
and without thought nothing was made that was made. In thought was life, and the life was the awareness of that thought in men. And the aware excel among the ignorant, and the ignorant did not understand it. John.1.1:5  

     Your thoughts in print. 
Your thoughts of the world in print. 
Your thoughts of others in print. 
Your thoughts on other's thoughts of 
your thoughts in print.
Thought is what makes one unique.
Thought is what makes one alive.
Thought is what created us all. 
Thought is naught without feelings.
Thought is not matter.
Matter did not create thought.
Thought created matter.
The pot did not create the potter.
So publish your thoughts,
for we are all thought.
We can know each other's thoughts,
and understand each other's feelings. 
So we can feel for each other,
and love one another.   
                                   Ro and Mo.
From the Book: What is Man. © Copyright Rohan and Mohan Perera 2010

The Eternal Thought 
              What is Man 
The beginning of man, was the thought of God. 
The man becoming God, was the intention of God. 
The fall of man, was the beginning of his end. 
The coming of Jesus, was to save him from his end. 
                                                                                                          From the book: Another Day.

The True Light.
The True Awareness.
That was the true Awareness that gives enlightenment to every man coming into the world.
This Awareness was in the world, and the world was made through this Awareness, and the world did not understand this Awareness.
This Awareness materialized to it’s own, and it’s own did not receive it.
But as many as received It, to them It gave the understanding to become children of God, to those who trust this Awareness.
It was manifested, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh,  nor of the will of man, but of God.
And the thought became flesh and dwelt among us, and we  beheld It’s glory, the glory of the sincere Thought of God, full of grace and truth. John. 1. 9:14  
                                                                    What is Man                                                                     
What is man, but a spirit. In a state of finite awareness:
Where the poor and sick, dwell with the well and wealthy.      
And the cold and cruel thrive among the weak and meek.
Mortal and finite is the man. A spirit of utter loneliness: 
That is of hollow emptiness, stealing love to quench it’s soul.
Faithless cold and cruel is the character of the son of man.
Love, the character of life. A spirit of absolute aloneness: 
That is of infinite fullness, gives life to countless souls.
To expand infinitely in consciousness through man.
In consciousness is life. The unconscious is the source:
And knowing the unconscious, leads to understanding.
The character of life or love, that is mysterious to man. 
In the depths of consciousness. In the abyss of the soul:
Be found the source of life, that is infinite awareness.
An unfathomable phenomenon to the mind of man. 
In an infinite material universe. In light, space and time:
A quantum of infinite awareness, in a body of finite life.
The mortal man struggles to fathom his immortal soul.
Diabolic is the man of finite awareness. For vanities:
Man has sacrificed love, with which he was created for.
Loving only the self, man is powerless to trust another.
In the absence of trust, man is fearful. In fear do:
The son of man, a state of eternal bondage. 
An act of volition, but what is marriage if not bondage. 
In Heaven do Sons of God. A state of infinite awareness:
Where marriage is obsolete, and Love is absolute.
An awareness yet to enter into the heart of man.
“In heaven there is no marriage, nor is anyone given in marriage.”
               Jesus Christ.             
                                         From the book: What is Man. © Copyright Rohan and Mohan Perera 2010